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Mulch Installation
  • Weed and debris cleanup
  • Re-edging to give a sharp redefined border again
  • Pre-emergent herbicide application to help keep beds weed free
  • Premium mulch application

Mulch is very important to any landscape. In recent years many different types and colors of mulch have become available. Choosing the correct mulch is very important and can have a tremendous affect on the overall look of your landscape. Besides having cosmetic affects, mulch plays several important roles in maintaining the health of your soil and plants.

Mulch helps retain and conserve soil and moisture. Mulch helps maintain uniform soil temperatures by insulating the soil, and greatly helps keep weeds from becoming problematic and greatly reduces weeding time.

Mulch breaks down and eventually does become part of your soil. Over time, the continual re-application of mulch leads to a healthier soil which helps plants flourish.